Vouch From Byron Bay

2013 / 11 / 07


As the Powerful Typhoon #27 aka Francisco barreled through Japan,
mad dogs landed in the land of the rising sun and swept through my peaceful house in the Chiba woods. I have hosted many a wandering traveler but by far, these guys were miraculous.
Everything exceeded my expectations.

Please Meet Vouch Surf from Byron Bay, Australia.

Photo by Pak Oksun

Vouch was founded in Byron Bay, Australia by Evan and Masa as
a surf lifestyle brand to offer ” something different “.

As in the definition “Vouch” (To give personal assurances, give a guarantee
or trustworthiness) , these guys not only represent the free spirit and happy positive vibes of the Byroneers but also had the right blend and balance of authenticity.

I have been pretty vocal about my love for Byron Bay and so when my dear friend Daisuke heard that Vouch was coming to Japan, he immediately asked and appointed me to join their Chiba surfing tour as their local guide and hostess.

I had seen and heard about Vouch in Japanese surf magazines
but was not sure how things would turn out.
i mean having 7 guys staying can be quite overwhelming (for 5nights!)

But the fact that they were from Byron bay-
the place where i call as my second home – was all i needed to know,
to simply trust my gut and follow my instincts, to be open and accept whatever flows into my life, as i have always done.

All i had to to do was show them the best that Japan has to offer
and what i could give.

So I did.
We woke up. I made breakfast. We ate.
We went for a surf. We had lunch.
I made dinner. We ate. Had drinks.
We did silly and crazy stuff together.
We made jokes.
We had so much fun.
So much laughter and sleepless nights.

You can read the full story of their Japan tour here (in Japanese only. sorry ) 
But I am sure you will get a sense of their madness, majestic tour from the photos.

Cultivating this kind of friendship is something that money cannot buy.
It is one of those priceless unforgettable moments that i will cherish for years.

The silly or sometimes serious talks we had, whether while shredding in the water or partying and dancing hard in Tokyo night life- every moment was so special and real . It felt like
i had known the guys for many years and they were in Japan for months.

It’s almost a miracle that we can make these connections
when we think about the 7 billion people who live on this planet.

People meet for a reason and AT the right timing.
But we have to be alert, open to accept these happenings into our lives
and to be brave (or have the courage) to always look on the
positive side and not take things for granted.

Our life is a series of moments.
Each one, a journey to the end
And all gathering to a new beginning .

THIS , RIGHT NOW is a moment.
Anything could happen in the next moment
You can do anything.
But you cannot do everything.
Life is too short.

So appreciate what you have NOW.
Let the past go, live in the present.
And embrace this moment.

You only live once (#yoro)

Please meet the wonderful crew- Evan, Raf, Ari, Jai, Angus, and Sean.

Yesterday is a history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. So that’s why we call it the present.
Eleanor Roosevelt