Joe Lauder – Satta Founder , Handcrafted Skateboard /Garden Furniture Designer from London UK

2014 / 10 / 31

It was another one of those funny, random connections thru
cyber space that I got to meet and hang out with
Joe Lauder from London UK.


Joe founded Satta, a Handcrafted Skateboard /Garden Furniture/ Clothing
brand two years ago and was recently in Bali on a holiday but was
invited to extend his stay at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm“>, located in Canggu, Bali, as the space’s artist-in-residence..


Joe’s show “Spiritual Materialism” is now open at the
Temple’s gallery—featuring work incorporating found materials,
freshly shaped skate decks and reclaimed wood just to name a few.

“‘Spiritual Materialism’ is a collection of artifacts from the
spaces in-between, reflections on the human hunger for profundity
and although at the same time influenced by a number of cultures,
pointing the finger in the direction of our common human heritage,” he explains.


After a long intensive preparation in the Deus Studio,
Joe landed in Japan- a country of his dreams and inspirations.

And after experiencing the Tokyo madness,
he escaped into the chiba woods where we shared our
passion, stories and visions.



Words from Great Zen Master Seung Sahn

In this whole world everyone searches for happiness outside,
but nobody understands their true self inside.

Everybody says, “I” – “I want this, I am like that…”
But nobody understands this “I.”

Before you were born, where did your I come from?
When you die, where will your I go?
If you sincerely ask, “what am I?” sooner or later you will run
into a wall where all thinking is cut off. We call this “don’t know.”

Zen is keeping this “don’t know” mind always and everywhere.

When walking, standing, sitting,
lying down, speaking, being
silent, moving, being still.
At all times, in all places, without
interruption – what is this?
One mind is infinite kalpas.

Meditation in Zen means keeping don’t-know mind when bowing,
chanting and sitting Zen. This is formal Zen practice.
And when doing something, just do it. When driving, just drive;
when eating, just eat; when working, just work.

Finally, your don’t-know mind will become clear.
Then you can see the sky, only blue.
You can see the tree, only green.
Your mind is like a clear mirror.
Red comes, the mirror is red; white comes the mirror is white.
A hungry person comes, you can give him food;
a thirsty person comes, you can give her something to drink.

There is no desire for myself, only for all beings.
That mind is already enlightenment, what we call Great Love,
Great Compassion, the Great Bodhisattva Way.

It’s very simple, not difficult!