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Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.
HIROMEME is the daily, local, global happenings in and around the
stuff I love. It is about the people and their stories
who motivates and inspires me.

It is the story telling in the here and now.

I have been fortunate to have a healthy body & mind which allows
to me to have a passion to surf & travel.

And I hope to share my values, dreams and happiness with others
to (hopefully) make the the world into a better place.

Life is a long journey of Serendipity.
Life is about living in the moment, being brave and
open to the simple gifts that life offer to us.

So enjoy and appreciate it, while you can.

“The very purpose of life is to be happy “ –Dalai Lama-

*MEME is an idea, concept or style that behave like a virus and  spreads from person to person .

Something about me.

Having spent over six years in the England for United States , I joined the highly competitive leadership training program designed to develop leaders at General Electric. I worked for GE Capital where I held various positions in sales, marketing, public relations and community programs.

After 5 years in the competitive, goal driven business world, I came across the concept and philosophy of permaculture and was so intrigued by such sustainable living practices. So I left in pursuit of a new adventure and spent a month wwoofing in off the grid , self sufficient communities in Australia, getting my hands in the dirt, taking it all in , and re-appreciate what it means to be alive.

Upon return, in 2006 co-created “greenz.jp” , a web media based in Tokyo dedicated to designing a sustainable society with optimism and creativity with its unique editorial perspective. After four years of entrepreneurship and establishing the foundation of greenz.jp, decided to pursue a more down to earth lifestyle (and surf ! ) and moved to a beach town in Chiba to live a simple life.

While working as the Executive Director for Environmental NGO to protect and promote the enjoyment of our ocean, my weekend job was a national radio hostess on FM81.3 J-WAVE LOHAS SUNDAY. I had the privilege to talk and promote many inspiring ideas and stories about sustainability , which are often untold and unheard in the media landscape.

In 2015, after 9 years of dreaming my dream life and pursuing my dreams,
I have set on a new adventure to move to Byron Bay, Australia and start
a new business – Blanco Living to live and create  the life I want.

Deep in love with the ocean and a fun loving surfer, yogini, macrobiotic vegan chef. Come and visit me in Byron Bay.



You can read my stories and media contributions more at :

Filmed by my soul little brother, Billy Otto.

About my upbringing and my dreams.
Rebel on a Rainbow

About my surf shack in the woods  (where i used to live in Japan )


Panasonic Eco Lunch Hour TV Show (Oct 2010)

Me and the Ocean via Surfrider Foundation Podcast (Oct 2010)

Video: Global Wave Conference @ Biarritz, France 2011

Good Ideas Salon Tokyo “Pure Living” (Oct 2009)

Tokyo Metropolis, Designers Accord Tokyo Town Hall Meeting via core77


The Plan (Swedish documentary film)

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